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New! Solidscape S390

Introducing the New! S390, high precision 3D printer for jewellery.More info

New! Solidscape S500

The New! Solidscape® S500 High Precision 3D Printer for Investment Casting. More info

Solidscape S370

Built exclusively for jewelers, creates ultra-accurate, castable wax models with. More info

It has to be Solidscape.

When good enough isn’t good enough,

Solidscape is the number one maker of wax pattern 3D printers for jewellery and high precision investment casting. Our singular vision is to produce the best wax patterns in the industry — allowing you to create more beautiful custom 3D printed jewellery and the perfect 3D printed industrial parts, changing the way you do business and changing the world. SOLID.

Ultra accurate, high precision 3D printing

Superior wax models for superior castings

Smooth Curvature Printing Algorithm

dynamically adjusts carriage velocity to sustain continuous motion, producing  high precision surface finish in the industry.

Drop on Demand Technology

positions precise drops of wax along the X, Y and Z axes, resulting in an exact build plate placement and stunning high-definition details.

Top-class Rotating Milling Blade

levels every print layer, delivering controllable layer thickness down to 6um, impossibly complex builds and unbeatable, repeatable accuracy.

If you can dream it, you can print it.

Only through Solidscape 3D Printers

High precision, ultra accuracy

Drop on Demand material jetting and meticulous milling mean stunning symmetry, exacting wall thickness and extreme detail.


Clean burnout

Wax patterns are optimized for best burnout performance — fast melt out, no ash or residue, no thermal expansion.


Maximized workflow

Your Solidscape will quickly become the most productive and profitable tool in the shop — it pulls all-nighters so you don’t have to — optimizing workflow and reducing labor and material costs.


Directly castable

Solidscape wax pattern 3D printers pave a direct route to finished investment casting — 100% castable in gold, platinum and all castable metals.


Superior surface finish

Automatically generated supports melt away completely, hands-free, in a non-toxic process — leaving smooth molds and virtually no finishing.


Slash prototyping & production time

Pattern perfection — Solidscape is reinventing traditional manufacturing processes, creating custom parts at mass production costs.


Complex geometries & overhangs

Create the finest and most complicated designs that aren’t possible using any other technique — traditional or 3D printed, old or new school.


Tools for innovation and creativity

Left brain meets right brain. Combine creativity with a highly efficient workflow and get an edge on the competition.


Intuitive 3d printer software

Troubleshoot and fix models before you print with drag-and-drop ease.